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Construction by Berkeley Building Company

We believe that construction goes as smoothly as it is planned for.


Whether we are present from a project's conception or we are hired just prior to permitting, we put a large emphasis on the pre-construction process to ensure fluidity with budgeting, scheduling and permitting.

  • Master planning and strategic analysis

  • Master budget development

  • Cost estimating and cashflow forecasting

  • Feasibility and constructability studies

  • Scheduling

  • Value engineering

  • Permitting

  • Inspectional Services, Fire Department, DPW, Transportation Dept, Conservation Commission, Zoning Dept, Planning and Development Dept, Historic/Landmarks Commission

  • ​Construction Management Planning

  • Site logistics, traffic/pedestrian managment, site specific illness prevention planning (COVID-19)

  • Risk analysis

  • Safety approach and high hazard analysis

  • Neighborhood/Community Relations & Mitigation


In scenarios where clients are looking to fast-track their project, we offer design-build and design assist services.


During this streamlined process, Berkeley is able to aid in program development, designing at a low cost and providing real time pricing to help guide expedited decisionmaking. This offering is the best approach for getting the client the space they want at the best price possible.

Construction by Berkeley Building Company
  • Program development

  • Code analysis and implementation

  • Design progression

  • Schematic Design, Design Development, 100% Construction Documents

  • Value Engineering

  • Peer Review

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